Productivity 101 Explained | 80% Result with 20% Work (Pareto’s Law)

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Productivity 101 (80% result with 20% work)

You do not have to do all 10 of them. Even if you implement just one tip, it will greatly enhance your personal productivity. And, if you are able to implement all 10 of these in your life, you’ll become a Super-Human MACHINE! 

Are YOU ready? Let’s begin. 

  1. Create a morning ritual (the first 90 minutes of your day).
  2. Establish a daily routine (daily structure).
  3. Establish a weekly routine (weekly short term objective).
  4. One postcard size to-do list (to be disposed at the end of day).
  5. Keep a pen, dairy and a voice recorder always handy.
  6. Do your most important task during your most productive hours (in terms of mental energy and freshness). Do your least important or auto-pilot work during your weakest hours (again speaking in regards to mental energy).
  7. Practice Lucid dreaming and practice conscious dreaming to strengthen your visualization skills.
  8. Sleep 8-9 hours. This sounds paradoxical but it’s true that sleeping 33% of your time keeps you super productive for the rest 66% of your waking hours.
  9. Seek creative solutions to your complex problem in your dreams. Harness the power of your unconscious brain.
  10. Master a ritual or routine that helps you to get into the “Flow state” faster. Get into the flow state as often as possible, and aim to stay there for as long as possible.


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What do you think? Tell me and share with us your top productivity secrets? If you have questions, please comment and I’ll try to answer. The first 10 commenters are always my favorite and I like to personally communicate with them. So share your thoughts.


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