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Salil Jha is a bestselling author, poet, practical philosopher, podcast host, and an adventurer of all sorts.

He is the author of the Amazon bestselling book The Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems (Naked Soul Press 2015).

His writing has appeared in media outlets including Boston Globe, Thought Catalog, and Positively Positive.

Salil hosts: “The Naked Soul Talk Show Podcast

He runs retreats all over the country and actively engages with the community. He can be contacted for speaking events.

His blog, The Naked Soul has attracted over 500,000 visitors since its inception in October 2014.

Find him on Twitter @The_Naked_Soul

Follow and read his writings on Instagram @The.Naked.Soul

Press & Media

Regarding media in general

Salil is very comfortable with all formats of media. He has done video, print features, large radio, podcasts and digital variants of all types, including debates.

Please find his bio and related odd facts here. Several pictures (head-shots, etc.), video clips, and audio samples are embedded below and throughout this website.

Please enjoy and use as you may need them for your medium and press.


Salil Jha Author picture for press and media kit

In Alaska

Salil Author picture crossing the arctic circle as a naked soul

Crossing the Arctic Circle

salil posing for author photoshoot in boston

The young poet of Boston

Contemplating the Philosophy of Everyday Life at Boston Harbor shore

Contemplating the Philosophy of Everyday Life

Poet and Author Salil Jha in Puerto Rico for book promotion

In Puerto Rico

Poetry and boldness in naked soul the erotic love poems

Art is Life

emotional intelligence is like coconut and a poet trying to understand it

Who doesn’t love coconut

Enjoying nature and wilderness in my solitude where loneliness is sacred

To me poetry and music is the greatest of all arts.

Your dreams on one hand and the reality on the other. In between there the divide is your heart.

Between the rocks. Between the right and left. The center is the heart.

Smile on my face, joy in my heart. Posing for author photoshoot.

Human life is simple but human living is utterly complex. Therefore pick up a poetry book and let’s talk some practical philosophy and let all of us laugh together at our existential dolor.

I so loved skydiving and I am doing it again.

Death defying acts

feeling kinship with the creatures of high sky

A passion for flying

a definition of happiness in our modern age

When your life is surrounded by arts everywhere, that’s happiness to me.