Common Questions

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I have a question/suggestion/request?
Please message me through the Contact Page.
Can I guest blog on the Naked Soul?
Yes, you surely can. You can email me (use Contact Page) to first tell me about your post/topic. I will reply to you using my personal email address. You can reply me back with your post and images (or any media). I’ll make the post and inform you. Please know that, sometimes due to the high incoming request volume, it may take weeks before your post is published. Keep patience.
Can I advertise my business on the Naked Soul?
I am very selective about advertising. My goal is to keep The Naked Soul completely ad-free. But, if you think your product or message blends with the content of this site, please send me a message with further details.
Is Salil Jha your real name?
Yes, it’s the name I was born with. I feel better to use my real name and not a pseudonym. Welcome to my website. This site was designed to share with you a little of my life, my work and my mission to inspire. So come on in, take your shoes off and visit with me.
Do you write full-time?
No, and I wish someday soon I’ll be able to. I am currently running one of the largest Travel and Wanderlust Stores in the US and generally travel over 100 days each year. None of this would be possible without your love and support. I truly, sincerely appreciate each one of you! (Thank you, dear readers!)
How can I get Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems in print?
Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems is now available worldwide in both eBook and Print (softcover). You can order the book here on Amazon.com. Sign into my email list to receive updates and Amazon discount coupons for the book. I am working on the Naked Soul Audiobook as well.
Will there be more Naked Soul series books?
Yes, there are two more volumes of Poetry under Naked Soul series. I love those books. Sign up for my newsletter to stay in-the-know.
Will there be more quizzes, personality tests, and surveys on the Quizzes page?
Yes, there will be many new fun and interesting tests coming in the following months. I love taking personality tests and or any fun survey for that matter.
When will Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems release in my country?
Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems is now available worldwide. If your country doesn’t offer a print copy availability, it will be still available as an eBook. Please keep checking and make it your perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
Is it difficult getting a book published?
Yes and No. I have written and will be writing more on my blog about this popular subject. If you are an aspiring author, I would say, go for it. It is totally worth it.
Will you write a book review/foreword for my book?
I would love to given I have the time in hand to read the manuscript. The book has to resonate with my heart. You can contact my agent on the contact page. Helping an aspiring author realize his /her dream is a joy for me. I have been there, in your shoes and I know how it feels. Also, regularly visit my blog where I will cover writing tips, strategies, and challenges in writing and getting published.
However, please note that even if your book is beautifully written, sometimes I may not be able to write a review. This is due to the volume of requests that I get and the limited time that I can allocate to reading new manuscripts.
Trust me, whether your new book is reviewed or not, you are moving in the right direction. And, I wish you all the best!
What inspired you to write the book?
I have been writing since an early age. I have written several hundred poems on various themes. My family and friends suggested I should publish them as a series. Also, I am considering writing as my side profession.
What sets your book apart?
I have read a lot of poetry books on all kinds of themes. Talking about romance and erotic love, first of all there are not enough books in the market. Secondly, most of the books out there are either poorly written or presented (in a sense of lacking deep symbolism & imagery) or are anthologies. Therefore there is a lack of new and original work.
We have read Shakespeare and Ovid and ancient Greeks, Romans and Kamasutra. But love is a theme that should be celebrated with freshness. One reason I see for the lack is that poetry doesn’t sell and make you rich. I believe, not all books are created for the money or the numbers. Our society needs original poems and new appreciation of erotic love that binds the humanity together. Without love, there would be nothing, none of us.
Describe the specific tone, themes, and mood the book conveys to the readers?
Overall feel good, happy, lighthearted and erotic. The theme is romantic, spiritual, erotic, symbolic, vivid, and descriptive. The tone of the book is for the most part storytelling and of discovery. Some poems are very rhythmic, some are written in free verse.
Please provide a summary of Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems?
“Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems” is a beautiful collection of all kinds of human emotions dealing with the theme of love, romance, seduction, chase, sensuality, and human fantasies. The poems here cover spiritual love to possessiveness, from hurt to ecstatic joy, from dark passion to sweet seduction, from first love sensations to devastating pain of loss, from conservative and familiar love making to repressed human fantasies. The words here are not just poetic but sublime, touching the heart, gently massaging it with visual imagery, metaphor and emotionally explicit, innocent intimate expressions.
Naked Soul is an extraordinary storytelling in the form of erotic love poems which speaks directly to the reader’s heart and sensates tingling in the body. This extraordinary and powerful collection of erotic and sensual love poems celebrates the erotic spirit in all its forms — from intense passionate sexual desire to seductive victory.
Moreover, there is too much noise and stress out there in the world. You can let your mind relax while slowly reading, reflecting, and visualizing what it would be like to make love with your beloved. This book is full of poems talking about everyday stories that we all can relate to.
Poetry contains few words but it tells much. Its beauty is that it is a condensed philosophy. And what cannot be said in prose, can sometimes be said in poetry. These poems are paintings in words. Poetry doesn’t belong to time. That’s why you feel as if these poems are written for you.
Do you do Speaking engagements for large or small Conferences or groups?
Yes. I will be happy to speak at your next event. Be it a poetry or writing workshop or a business or leadership seminar/training. I love working with aspiring entrepreneurs, authorpreneurs, and young people in general.
Contact me through the Speaking page.
Do you or The Naked Soul Platform support any public, political, or humanitarian causes? 
Yes. There are things I believe in and causes I wholeheartedly support. For the full list of Causes I support and am actively engaged with, read the last section of my About page.