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With over 120 blog posts published as of 2020 and over 50 pages, this has become a huge blog. If you are a hardcore Naked Soul fan, then you are here for a reason.

You most likely love to explore the human nature, you are interested in deep truths, and you are likely a naked soul yourself.

Writing Naked Soul and List of All Blogs

If you want to read it all, I would recommend starting with a category (topic) or tag (theme) that interests you the most. Some blogs can belong to two or more categories or tags. Think of the Blog Categories as the Table of Content and Blog Tags as an Index (as in a book). 

Each topic (or theme) is explored in a series of posts on The Naked Soul blog. Sometimes, the posts can be simply a collection of poems or quotes, sometimes, they are long and explanatory.

Alternatively, you can also start at the first post, and read and navigate through the whole thing one link at a time. To make it easier for you, below, you have the list of ALL PUBLISHED BLOGS!

Posts are listed chronologically with the newest on the top. I try to update this page once every month. Read the blog title, skim over the list, and please feel free to begin anywhere!

Above all, enjoy! See you around! If you like something, please leave a comment.

Peace and much joy to you!

~ Sal, Boston

Blog Categories (Topic)

Authorpreneurship is when an author or an aspiring writer accepts the art of writing as an entrepreneurial venture. The writer is not only responsible for writing but also for the publishing, marketing, sales, and all other related business needs. All self-published authors are authorpreneurs.
Welcome to the Naked Soul Book Reviews. Here, I pick the best books (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry) and offer a concise summary and literary criticism of the book based on content, style, and merit. Hope you enjoy it. Please suggest the books you would want me to review next.
The latest studies and findings from brain neurochemistry and experimental psychology, which deal with the structure or function of our brain, mind, and soul.
How to be more creative? What is creativity? Everyone wants to be more creative. Be it an idea, a musical composition, making a joke or writing a new story or making art. We’ll explore everything creative here.
Eroticism, Erotic Literature and Arts, and Eros (Romantic Love)
Happiness comes from the Greek concept of “eudaimonia” and refers to the good life, one that is growing. Happiness is also the absence of any desire. It is a mental and emotional state of feeling overall well-being. The feeling of happiness can range from contentment to intense joy.
My blogs on health, fitness, and the latest and greatest in human longevity
All of my “How To” articles and blogs on various topics related to everyday life, writing, self-publishing, book marketing, and online platform building.
A collection of best life hacks & tips on productivity, creativity, and lifestyle design.
Distilled life lessons ranging every topic that covers human life and state of human existence on this planet. Topics include grief, suffering, loss, death, life, enlightenment, peace, joy, love, and mindfulness.
Lifestyle Design: you can design your lifestyle around the things you love. These are the blogs exploring powerful ideas to improve and take control of your life.
Meta Learning is learning to learn. It is about being aware of and taking control of one’s own learning habits and models. Meta Learning is about self-awareness. The goal of meta-learning is to find best models that make learning new subjects easier and in the most efficient way possible.
Everything that you need to know about money, wealth, and riches. How to make money, how to create lasting wealth, etc?
Tips, thoughts, and lessons on blogging. How to blog?
Blogs on personal productivity.
The Naked Soul Podcast and Talk Show. Podcast episodes and more.
Naked Soul Pomes and Poetry.
Self Improvement, Self-Help, Personal Development, and Personal Growth on The Naked Soul blog.
Self-Publishing books, poetry, music, and more on The Naked Soul blog. All you need to know about how to self-publish anything.
Spirituality, Philosophy, Religion, Enlightenment, and the Inner Truths on the Naked Soul blog.

Blog Tags (Topic)

Tips on Book Marketing on The Naked Soul blog. How to market your self-published books.
Thoughts, quotes, and writing on the topic of “death”. A human condition and truth about life. The ultimate fate of everything in this Universe.
Blogs and predictions on the future. The future of humankind, the future of earth and Universe. The future world.
Inspirational posts and blogs. Quotes, poems, and motivation for daily life.
Thoughts on life. Quotes, poems, and stories about everyday life and the human condition.
Contemplation and writing on the subject of loss.
Contemplation and writing on the subject of love. Love can be agape (selfless love), Philia (friendly love), or eros (romantic and passionate love).
Blogging on what is real and what is an illusion? Philosophy is to delve into the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence itself.
Tips on online and social platform building. Building Your Tribe. A collection of blogs and tips on how to build your tribe.
Psychology blogs on the scientific study of the human mind, human personalities and temperaments, and individual and collective behaviors.
Tips on reading faster, reading more books, reading good books, and reading for the pleasure of it.
How to make the best use of social media for personal and business use.
Thoughts and soothing, healing words on suffering and grief. This too shall pass.
Naked Soul Videos, Book Trailers, Podcast, Talk Shows, and Vlogs.
Wanderlust, Adventure, and World Travel. To live well is to travel a lot.
Tips and lessons on writing well. How to write faster? How to write better? How to write the best stories and books?

List of All Blogs

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