Everyone Says It Can’t Be Done

It can't be done. It's fun to do the Impossible

everyone says it can't be done. nothing is impossible

How do you know if you will be successful? How can you tell if you will make it to the end of the tunnel? The answer is “you can’t!” The only thing you can do is to keep the faith and keep walking. You can only give your best. You can plan and strategize. You can mitigate risks. But, you can’t guarantee any particular outcome. That’s the fun of life, business or almost anything under the sun.

There will be negative thoughts, doubts, fear, and obstacles on the way and you’ll have to cross them. You will not fear the ghosts if you have already anticipated them and made plans.

I still have to pay $5800 to the bank for my previous business loan (of $20K). There is no business loan for my new venture “The Art of Travel” until I am even. But, I have managed to put together a team. A team of over 10 people if I count myself. When you do not have cash, you are left with “creativity”. There is no other option. It’s “do or die.”

It Can’t Be Done

When David had to fight Goliath, he did not have time to go to the gym or a spartan academy. David did not have the money for buying the best sword in the market. He had no cash. He had no time but the present moment and the challenge at hand.

In life, each one of us are put into David’s situation. Either you plan and wait for the best time or you use your brain and find a way out. You want to look good, get fit, make money, start a church, travel, be financially free — then do it.

Start now, because there is no ideal circumstances, ever. This is planet earth. Welcome to the world of dust. The stars are not part of the earth but they can shine and be part of your eyes if you fix your eyes on them. But first, you must make friends with the dust of the ground.


  • Raye

    What happens when you feel your as humble as you’ll ever be, your as open to life as the day born but still feel as if there is doubt..guess it’s healthy to not be “balls out” and to use strategy in life but sometimes it’s just lonely on the road of truth, love and life…I am as eager to enjoy gods green earth and all its gifts as that next person and although there is strength in being a “strong independent woman” there is a part of me that just would like to know I’ve got a real partner..doesn’t have to coddle me or lie to me or “fix my problems”… Just live and experience life with me.. Watch a sunset and hold me at sunrise with love in your heart for me… It’s all I would ask.. Is life supposed to be just u and me? Why not “us” … Every now and then. It’s not too much to ask for someone to enjoy the ride with… Why is that so hard to find ?

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