Bad Idea: Drinking Black Lipton Tea on an Empty Stomach | Feeling Sick & Nauseated

Lipton Green Tea. Drinking Lipton Tea on an Empty Stomach | Feeling Sick & Nauseated

Drinking Lipton Tea on an Empty Stomach. Feeling Sick & Nauseated. Lipton green tea 1

Lipton Green Tea (this is the one I had this morning)

9 AM, Monday

Whenever I drink black or green tea on an empty stomach, I start to feel very sick within 30 minutes. I don’t know why!? Usually, I am a coffee person but for a change, I thought of having black/green tea this morning. I saw Lipton green tea, all natural, wow! I went and grabbed for it.

After a few sips, I was already feeling sick. I sipped a few more times and within an hour I was feeling nauseated and like vomiting. At first, I was not sure why I am feeling this way. Is this because I missed breakfast this morning? Or, is this because of this tea? Or, is this caffeine on an empty stomach?

feeling very sick after drinking lipton green tea on an empty stomach

feeling very sick after drinking tea

I thought to myself, I have had coffee many times on an empty stomach and I have never felt this way. My mind was busy chattering: It must not be the caffeine. So what is it? Could it be the tea? I am not allergic to tea or milk and I seem to have quite enjoyed the tea experience (especially Earl Grey) on several occasions, but then why today? What is wrong with me? Or, is this the Lipton tea?

I searched on google and found an old blog post confirming my fears. My search didn’t bring up many answers though but it did reveal that lots and lots of people experience this. So, it’s not the caffeine.

Here, we are talking about real tea, made from tea leaves, and not herbal teas which usually don’t contain tea leaves and are actually a blend of dried herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Many people confirmed what I was feeling and what I knew to be true. For example, people were saying, “I can drink coffee, Coke or an energy drink (on an empty stomach) and be fine. But there’s something about tea that makes me ill.”

“It’s not a specific type of tea either; it can be green tea, black tea, or a blend.”

feeling sick and like vomiting, Drinking Lipton Tea on an Empty Stomach | Feeling Sick & Nauseated

feeling sick and like vomiting


11 AM

Now, it’s already close to lunchtime. Like many others before me, I thought, let me eat something. If I eat something, maybe I will not feel like vomiting. Maybe this all due to an empty stomach and a stupid bad tea which is not for me.

I ate a little but it did not help much. Actually, I was afraid that I may throw up. So I did not want to eat a lot.

Well, it’s been a couple hours since I drank half a cup of tea (yes, actually only a half cup). I threw the rest half, promising to myself I am not touching this tea ever again. I really liked some tea but now I’m afraid to drink it. I think…did I eat enough? Will I get sick? Is this a good tea?

My research also made me aware that people can feel this way (bad nausea and feeling like throwing up) even during the evening time. So hours and time doesn’t matter as much. The only common thing in all the case studies: empty stomach and green or black tea.

So, I did some more research. By now, I was sure that I am not alone. And, I must do something about it. This happened today and I am going to write about it and share it with everyone. I am sure others are searching like me.

So I did a little looking up on nausea, sneezing, and tea. I found a clue on this blog that made sense to me. I have pollen allergy. All allergies are caused by the excessive production of histamine.

According to the blogs mentioned above: what does nausea, sneezing, and tea have in common? Most sites stated that nausea and sneezing at the same time are caused by agitation of acid-reflux and gastritis and histamine.


What is acid reflux? 

Acid reflux is a condition where stomach acid comes up from the stomach into the esophagus. It is normally caused by alterations in the barrier between the stomach and the esophagus.

So it is not the acid-reflux. That leaves us with “histamine” as the only commonality. It regulates sneezing and acid production and is found heavily in green and black teas.


12:30 PM

Nausea and sick feeling finally subsided. It took 3 and half hours for me to come back to normal. Oh, what a day!

The sick poor child

The poor, sick child!

Parting Thoughts

One person commented to put cream or milk in the tea. The cream helps keep you from becoming sick to your stomach.

Do not let the tea bag soak for extended time. Take it out after couple of minutes. This way you consume less caffeine as well.

Drink herbal tea instead of black tea on an empty stomach.

The problem is with the  Lipton tea and not you. Quit the Lipton tea and find something natural and better. Something that suits you. It will take some risk and experimentation. But. it is worth it.

Try taking baking soda in water. It brings back the PH of the stomach to a normal level. It also works for stomach burns.

Eat something (even if you are not feeling like). You’ll feel much better. No tea in the morning. Got it.

Drink yerba mate and other organic loose-leaf forms of tea instead of pre-packaged tea bags typically found in restaurants or hotels.

Stay safe, my friends! I need to rest now. I’ll see you folks tomorrow!


PS: According to Mayo Clinic, Nausea and vomiting may occur separately or together. There can be any number of causes for this but for our purposes here, these are some of the causes that is worthy of further investigation in connection to black tea and histamine.

Gastroparesis (muscles of the stomach wall don’t function properly)
Intestinal obstruction
Morning sickness
Anorexia nervosa
Bulimia nervosa
Cyclic vomiting syndrome
Food poisoning
Generalized anxiety disorder
Intestinal obstruction
Irritable bowel syndrome
Milk allergy (in infants and children)



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Have you every had this kind of nauseated feeling after drinking tea, coffee or energy drinks? If you know of better ways to cure or stop the nausea and feeling of vomiting, please share with us all. If you had a similar episode, please feel free to leave a comment and I would love to read it.


  • Lou

    This is an extremely practical and convenient method to avoid feeling sick. Thanks for posting it here.

    • You are most welcome, Lou! Once I myself went through this horrible experience… I had to share this. I am glad other people are finding this post helpful 🙂

      • Sabrina

        Thank you so very much.🙏 Just went through this horrible right now and this article gave me so much hope. Also I am going to stay away from Lipton Green tea. Legit made me vomit and I had the nauseous feeling for hours…well it hasn’t gone away yet. Insane 😢

        • I know. I have since completely switched to herbal and organic green tea. There are plenty of good tea options out there. I am sure you will find some wonderful substitutes.
          Take care!

  • Grace

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes in daily habits which will make the most significant changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • coco

    Loving the info on this web site

  • Carrie

    Oh yesss thank you! Here I am wondering what the hell is wrong with me! I went to the doctor…”Everything is fine” he said, after checking my blood glucose, bp, heart. “Pregnant?” At 53? Hell no! “I’m old and getting sick.” It’s 12.02 am…14 hours of nausea after drinking that tea. So happy you wrote this! Now I know what the problem is!

  • Leigh

    too bad it happened to you. just don’t use Lipton tea again.

    • Thank you, Leigh! I haven’t touched it since that day! 🙂

    • Leanna Shelby

      I drink all types of tea every day on an empty stomach and Lipton is the only tea that has ever made me feel sick. I will never drink it again.

      • Isn’t this interesting! I can say the same is true for me and for dozens of other people who have said the exact same thing! Not sure if there is a particular tea leaf that Lipton brand sources which contain a certain chemical compound which is just not suiting our body type!

  • Fitoru

    I’ve experienced this once or twice and I can totally relate. I still drink lipton along with other brands of teas but I make sure that I have eaten or am eating. Thank you for posting!

  • M

    It’s amazing to go to see this site and reading the views of all colleagues about this piece of writing, while I am
    also zealous of getting know-how.

  • maurice

    Thank you big help

  • Anon

    happened two times to me. Yeah, I also do not drink coffee anymore because of heart pain(with tachicardya).

    I do not want to say it’s because of strictly Lipton, but it could be. My suspicion is that they sell some scuffed version of it locally(it never has any good taste or smell, or my taste/smell was killed by hotpeppers.)

    First time it occurred 20 years ago, with earl grey, I don’t remember if it was lipton or dilmah.

    then ~5 years ago and yesterday it was because of Lipton(I think label says black tea, def not green)

    symptoms: rise of blood pressure(artifacts in left eyes), then headache, stomach discomfort, and finally had to drink plenty of water and vomit profusely to clean EVERYTHING from my stomach. Content of the stomach – first acid liquid, ~6h later – mostly tasteless liquid.

    • Yes, coffee also dehydrates you (both internally and as well as our skin), so it’s better to not consume it or drink in moderation. Herbal tea is the best for our body!

  • Precious

    Well happened to me this morning but as an African girl, we have a different method of easing it off. I just drank a teaspoon of red oil and it stopped next time you drink Lipton and feel that way rush for red oil.

  • Edward

    I woke up today, while in the middle of a weekly practice of intermittent fasting for 24hr periods. Thought it’d be a great idea to have a strong cup of black tea, since I don’t have coffee available to me. 2/3 into the cup and I came to realize the mistake I made. Black tea on an empty stomach is definitely not the same as coffee never again.

  • Steph

    It is likely from blood sugar. I use to have this when much younger and it goes through cycles happening with tea in the morning. I remembered, this is why I started including saffron in my tea, to mitigate this, if I have tea on empty stomach in morning. Incense has caused this symptom for me in the past.

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