9 Quotes On Love, Travel, Life, and More

Quotes On Love. A poet is someone who pours light upon our dark world and laughingly says it is all well.

In this blog, I am simply sharing some of the quotes from The Naked Soul. Read, think, ponder, enjoy and share with your friends.

I was once broken, ill, depressed (we all pass through that) then one day peace found me, beauty cured me, and love saved me.

Somethings can’t be bought, bribed or stolen. Either you find it or it finds you.


travel carries deeper spiritual meanings it is helpful in opening us to new perspectives on things travel far and wide as much as you can

I was once small, now my soul is grand. I was once blind, now my eyes have seen it all. I was once lost, now I know many paths that lead to light. I was once unhappy, now I am busy saying “no” to many interesting things. All because one day I started to travel.


you have money but you lack love

I love New York City. Walking down the Park Avenue I could not help but think about economy, globalization, wealth inequality, immigration, religious extremism, opportunities for middle class, healthcare for every human being, education for every human and all the issues that are shaping our global politics… This morning as I was wondering while looking down from my 17th floor from ROW…. yes, the issue is “everything is here but love is mussing”. Therefore peace is mussing, personal satisfaction is missing, selfless charity is missing. Will you help in changing it? Will you take the trouble of thinking hard?


Oftentimes what you experience consciously goes unconscious, unnoticed but when you write it you know yourself better you get to understand all your emotions So write Your life depends on it.

Writing a little every day or atleast once a week journal what you did, how you felt, what you learned, what you want to change, etc. Anything. Writing is not just for writers. You would not say music is just for musician. No. Music is for everyone. So is writing. So is a journal. So is a small, little private diary. Write, because your life literally depends on it.


partake of life if you always act as an observer you'll never live the experience be the person who’s living the experience not thinking about it

In this age when being an observer is associated with cool, it is good to remind ourselves that being a partaker is cooler.


I am not in the business of writing I am not just a poet or writer My business is to communicate A voice of passion I am a healer of lost love and hopes I am here to crack wide open the hearts of millions I excel in awakening hearts

Making all those around me turn into a voice of passion for life. A harmony, an orchestra, a symphony of love, hopes, and dreams. I am burning my candles hard and on both ends to make the path brighter for all those who seek healing and love. You belong here. Without any label, you don’t need one. Your existence is enough. You belong. We all belong. Be naked with your own truths. Hide nothing, speak for yourself and speak the truth. There is nothing on the other side of fear. You belong here. I love you and accept you just as you are.


ideal love may seem like a fantasy, but the real illusion is the belief that you are insufficient, incapable to give and receive true love

The fish in the water that is thirsty is either not breathing or drinking. Think about it.


be kind to yourself, love all those who cross your path. they are all beautiful

Today tell a stranger “hello” and smile. Help someone unknown to you. When you give, you feel most happy! Try it as an experiment and test it for yourself.


A poet is someone who pours light upon our dark world and laughingly says it is all well.


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