Who Are You? Just A Label or An Epic Book

who are you? how not to be boring

if your life can be packaged you are boring

“Adventure means exposing yourself to the world out there.” — Naked Soul

Who Are You

Are you just a label or an epic story or a fun saga? Is your life “out-of-box” and is it evolving?

We make a life by what we give, experience, build and learn. Each year of our life is either a sentence or a paragraph. Or it can be a full chapter or even a book in itself.
We decide how our life is recorded in the eyes of the ancient stars of the faraway galaxies.

We decide which adventures we embark upon and which ones we finish.
Adventures do not mean walking on a high wire or sleeping on a bed of nails or eating fire.

Adventure means exposing yourself to the world out there – in its wildness, rawness – experiencing its unadulterated originality.

Adventure means getting in touch with your inner-self, knowing thyself.

Now, over to you.

Who are you? And, what are you going to do with your life? Please leave your thoughts and life missions in the comment below.


  • I love this post, I’m currently writing my book. Everyone who knows my story says that I should write. But it’s only now that I’ve been feeling that itch. It’s probably the loss of my husband that made it more clear for me now. But it’s true, I believe you have a choice to create your reality. Although we cannot control everything in life, we certainly can choose our own mindset. Hopefully one that is compassionate and peaceful. 🙂

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