Platform Building: Where & How To Best Spend Your Time & Energy

platform building and audience
Platform Building. How to effectively market and promote your blog, author platform, and your books or products

How to effectively market and promote your blog, author platform, and your books or products.

Platform building is a long and difficult process. Where and how to best spend your time, energy, and money for the best possible outcome is a neverending quest for most of the independent artists, authors, and musicians.

In this blog, I will share my best tips and tools to make your strategy successful.

Platform Building

A. Idea Incubation & Content Creation

1. Write original content (books)

            – Reading

            – Researching

            – Writing


            – Take pictures, make videos, learn


2. YouTube

            – Create content (video making)


            – Create content (writing)

            – Create email list


            – Create content (talking & recording)


            – Create content for SM

            – Post content


B. Marketing and Promotion

Online Platforms

3. Social Media (Share content)

            – Facebook

            – Twitter

            – Quora

            – Pinterest

            – Periscope

            – Vine

            – Google+

            – etc.

4. Email Your List

5. Broadcast your podcast


Offline Platforms

6. Speaking Engagements

            – Paid

            – Free

7. Attend Industry & Networking Events

            – Tradeshows

            – Meetups

            – Events

8. Book tours and book signing

            – Locally

            – Extensive

Promote Your Brand The Right Way

Prioritize in terms of revenue generation or monetization capabilities.

1. Speaking engagement > income from speaking fee

2. Podcast (or Talk Show) > income from advertisement

3. Books > income from book sales

4. YouTube > income from advertisement

5. Blog > income from advertisement

6. Social Media > income from traffic volume, shoutouts, endorsements, & brand awareness

7. Products or White label Products > income from product sales

8. Affiliate programs > income from commission

9. Online courses > income from fee


Platform Building. How to effectively market and promote your blog, author platform, and your books or products.


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Do you need help in platform building? I provide online mentorship and one-on-one coaching. Or, if you would like to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment and I would love to read it. 


  • I would really like to try and see if i could do something like this with my poetry. I want to explore new platforms and see what they can do for me, as a poet and individual. Would love to know your thoughts as well as any advice you may have.

    • Absolutely! This is the minimal list. You can leave podcasting for now. But, best to start with both writing and making videos. Videos – you can start with: a.) reading your poetry with some good background music (make sure you use copyright free music). You can make videos on showing how you write, creativity, may be read other famous poems and works of other famous poets. If you think, voice is not one of your thing, try making slideshows videos. There are endless things that you can do. My advise is that you do atleast 2-3 things (writing, videos, etc) and keep writing long format work your top priority.

      Also, short fiction would be a good start. One idea that recently came to me is to write a short story for each of my poem.

      All the best, my friend! You’re on the right path. 🙂

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