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Meal Planning Simplified. Health and fitness

This week I wanted to show you a little bit of my home, what I eat, how I cook and my lifestyle. I have a few videos to show you today on meal planning and cooking clean breakfasts for optimal fitness.

Meal Planning Simplified

Meal Planning in its Simplest Form


Breakfast for Bulking & Bodybuilding (Clean Eating)

*You can substitute white potatoes with red potatoes. (I eat red 99% of the times, we made this video using potatoes that were available to us.)


Meal Planning for Fit Life (Chicken, Kale, Hummus, Celery)


Honey + Lime + Cinnamon Water for Weight Loss 


Healthy Breakfast for Fit Life | Bodybuilding Meal Planning Made Simple



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What is your biggest fitness goal right now? Do you like these videos? If you want me to cover something in specific, please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to cover them in my next video. Please share your pro-tips if something is working for you. It may help others. (The first 10 commenters are always my favorite.)


  • Bud

    I am making them tonight. Enough spending money on bad food. This is the final push I needed. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are most welcome, Bud! Yes, we all need a little push here and there. We need fitness motivation every day. It’s a long and difficult journey but the rewards of health and aesthetic far exceeds the price of pain. Push it hard, give it your all. (Check out my other fitness videos on my YouTube).

  • Elon

    I totally agree. Without meal planning there is no good body. Thanks for sharing these videos.

  • Ava

    Damn! I have been looking for fitness related meal-planning videos and guess what… I found it on your blog and then followed your YouTube. Such a treasure trove. THANK YOU!!!

    • I am glad you liked the videos and are finding them useful. Yes, I am trying my best to post one fitness video each day on my YouTube. I would love to hear your feedbacks. See you around, Ava! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Neeru

    Hi! I had read your answer on quora for building lean body. What diet would you recommend for a vegetarian ( I eat eggs) for a lean body. I am a woman aged 35 and Weigh 61 kgs and height 5 feet 4″. I am clear on the workout part and creating a calorie deficit. But I run out of ideas when it comes to meal planning!

    • Hi Neeru, first of all, congratulations for starting your fitness journey. You have already separated yourself from the vast majority of women age 30-40. So, this is great!

      But…. but I must tell you (not to scare you but to tell you the truth), the human body doesn’t want to give up fat that easily.

      Start with fasted cardio in the morning. It is great for fat loss and it works for many people. Do not do more than 30 min though or else you will start loosing muscles.

      Drink 30 gm of whey protein right after that and that’s it. Start here.

      Drink a lot of water (even on days you are not sweating). 1 gallon of water (3.7 liters) can shoot up your metabolism by another 33%.

      The biggest challenge in my opinion is HIIT. Everyone knows about it; they even talk about it but no one really does it well.

      See, you might have heard of Bruce Lee. For fat loss, think like a gymnast and martial artist. Why they have so little fat and still great strength. The secret is in their “cardio routine”.

      Do 1 hour of HIIT like cardio-strength training. Eg: BeachBody or Tabata or BodyPump.

      If you have crossfit gyms available near you, give that a try.

      Your goal should be to burn away all the remaining fat but with minimal muscle loss. While losing fat, you will lose some muscles too, so be careful to all exercising in the right way.

      Next, nutrition. You have to give up eating outside. Atleast 6 days each week, cook at home and eat clean, healthy whole food. Whatever it is, you will make a better & healthier meal than any dhaba or restaurants.

      Keep eating small portions, 4-6 times a day and let me know how it goes for 1 month. We’ll discuss more on nutrition after our touch base point.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Neeru

        Thanks a lot for the pointers! I have already started on strength training. Will surely include fasted cardio. Will keep u posted on the progress. Thanks again.

        • You are welcome Neeru! Keep us posted. Keep pictures of your before and after. We can feature you on our Instagram and it would be a fascinating case study for everyone to benefit from. All the best!

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