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So you have just discovered my blog and you are excited about what you are reading here. But, you have many questions and you are looking for answers without knowing where to look for them.

This post is about how to use this blog and how to find whatever you are searching for faster.

1. You have a question?

If you have a question for me or the book, please first check the FAQ page (at the bottom of the page, Site-wide).

If your question is not already covered, please message me through the Contact Page.

2. You have a suggestion Or request for me?

Please message me through the Contact Page.

3. You want to tweet something you found interesting?

Simply select (highlight) the section (< 160 char) and the SumoMe tweet app will pop-up on the screen for you to tweet or share on facebook. Test it now, it’s cool.

4. You want to share with your friends?

There are plenty of ways you can do this. You can use the Share widget (appearing Site-wide) to share on any social media or you can simply email the link. You can also bookmark this Site to come back when I post something new.

I usually post 1-2 times per week. Each post is as diverse and interesting as the Earth itself.

5. You want to guest blog on Naked Soul?

Yes, you surely can. You can email me (use Contact Page) to first tell me about your post/topic. I will reply to you using my personal email address. You can reply me back with your post and images (or any media). I’ll make the post and inform you.

Please know that sometimes due to the high incoming request volume, it may take weeks (or even months) before your post is published. Keep patience.

6. You want to know more about the Newsletters and Email Subscription?

Absolutely great idea. You should consider signing up for my weekly letter (yes, go exclusive, go VIP). Not only it tells you when there is a new post available but sometimes, I send coupons and other free goodies.

Plus, it is always a good idea to subscribe to the best blogs. Naked Soul, in my opinion, is one of the best blogs.



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Comments, please share with us. I would love to read it.


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