Naked Soul Meaning | What Does It Mean To Be A Naked Soul?

Naked Soul Meaning. Who is a naked soul? What is naked soul

naked soul meaning

Naked Soul Meaning

As an observer, writer, wanderer, and storyteller, I believe that to be naked is to show up, to be present, to express my truth in life. It’s to overcome my own self-imposed limitations and to transcend external influences that are often authoritarian or fear-based. To me, this expression of truth can become a sacred romance.

Therefore philosophically speaking, being a Naked Soul is a sacred romance between one person and the world around him.

When we love, we unguard our hearts. We disarm and disrobe ourselves down to the core. Whether we love to travel, to write, or to wrap our arms around another, we only love authentically. That is being truly naked.

How can you be totally naked? It’s not undressing your body. To be naked is to undress and be naked with your heart’s truth. It’s the only way to uncover what resonates with your own soul.



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The Naked Soul Podcast Series

Hosted by Salil Jha and Neha Rizal

The Naked Soul Podcast is an extensive series of over 200 timeless conversations from the popular authors, bloggers, health and fitness coaches, spiritual mentors and successful entrepreneurs.

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Topics Covered on the Podcast

Addiction and Overcoming Addictions

Artificial Intelligence


Aging and Longevity

Altered States of Consciousness

Alternative Medicine

Astrology, Human Design, and the Enneagram


Biofeedback and the Quantified Self

Body Awareness & Bodywork


Business & Entrepreneurship




Creativity & Creativity Process


Death and Peaceful Dying

Dreams and The Dreaming Mind

Enlightenment & Evolution




Global Awareness


Holographic Model of the Universe


Imagery and Mandala


Jungian Psychology and Archetypes

New Language Learning

Leadership Theories and Best Practices

Literature & Arts

Magic and Cults

Best Management Practices

Metalearning (Learning How to Learn)

Martial Arts, Budo, and Tao

Meditation and Mindfulness

Memory Enhancement


Mind-Body Connection

Music and Creative Expression



Personal Paradigm Shift & Individual Transformation


Peak Performance

Personal Development and Self Help

Personality Types


Psychedelics and Drugs

Psychology & Psychotherapy

Quantum Physics

Relaxation Techniques (Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul)

(Morning, Evening) Rituals and Positive Habit building

Science and Deep Space

Sexuality and Eroticism


Social Awareness


Stress Management




Tibetan Buddhism

Transformation and Self Growth

Transpersonal Psychology

The Unconscious, Super-conscious and Sub-conscious

Yoga, Health and Fitness

Writing Life, Writing Tips

Self-publishing, Book publishing, Book Marketing

Author Brand Creation, Platform Building



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