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Author picture Salil Jha author and writer of Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems

Enjoying Alaskan wilderness (behind me, towards the top-right corner, you can see the Trans-Alaska pipeline)

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Salil Jha, an author and poet with a diverse background and many interests. Our lives teach us who we are. For whatever reason you might be visiting this site, know that my best skill is storytelling.

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time to be wild and reborn free (naked soul poems)

Be free, my friend

Back to my story: I was born in India, but “home” is many places for me. I’ve traveled the world with no plans to slow down. I’ve met a thousand people, but there’s always another thousand more I wish to spend time with.

This, of course, is a difficult task. That’s why I wanted to make this blog: I have a wealth of stories, tips, and advice that I could shout to the world, but a voice only makes so much noise in one place. So the blog will be my way of “turning up my own volume”.

I write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry that explores themes of love, passion, adventure, human relationships, and universal truths.

Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems, is a collection of these poems that is now available worldwide. I am currently working on my first non-fiction book, Friendship.

Some of my favorite topics to explore: whether through writing, this website, or life itself are:

Motivational speaking/Professional activities: I love hearing or telling stories of overcoming hardships. I’ve spoken at events about the difficulties and rewards of overcoming internal and external hardship.

I lead and facilitate writing workshops for those struggling with their own projects. I’ve done poetry readings of my own work and spoken at other events about writing in general. New authors looking for a book foreword or public reviews can come to me with their work and a written request submission.

Traveling: It inspires me to see different people and places and gives me travel tips to share. I’m also working on a nonfiction series about travel. So far, I’ve been to 34 states in the U.S., and I plan on visiting the rest by the end of next year. When I’m finished, I would like to publish “Traveling the United States in 6 Months”. An even bigger project involves completing the challenge of visiting 100 countries on under $30 000 USD.

Fitness and Martial Arts. Fitness and personal health are very important to me. I’ll be documenting tips on healthy living on the blog as I find new life and health-hacks.

As a martial artist, I pride myself on living by the code of Bushido (a.k.a the samurai’s way, a model for a balanced life).

Spirituality: I naturally gravitate to mysticism and am fascinated by theology and spiritual paths.

Cooking: Friends say I have a talent for cooking. It’s a pleasure of mine to host and meet new people, so if you’re visiting Boston (Massachusetts), leave me a note.


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Welcome, again!

Ask Salil Jha

Why did I decide to write the Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems?

The single biggest reason I decided to write this book is that there is such a lack of new and original erotic poetry. I have read a lot of poetry books on love and passion, but on romance and erotic love, I do not find enough quality work on the market. Most of the books out there are either too old or big anthologies covering the same poets and poems.

There is a lack of new and original work. Most of us have read something from Ovid, Sappho, Shakespeare, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, or from the Kamasutra. But love is a theme that should be celebrated with freshness. Our society needs fresh poems and a new appreciation of erotic love that will bind humanity together. Without love, there would be nothing, none of us.

My second reason for writing this book is to speak my heart. There is too much noise and stress out there in the world. How often do you see people stop by to listen to an artist playing music? Chances are if you are reading this book you have an artist in you. You are a reader, and therefore a thinker, an observer, a living soul who wants more out of this human experience.

The reader of these poems can relax while slowly reading, reflecting, and visualizing what it would be like to make love with their beloved (or a fantasy figure). This book is full of poems: everyday stories we can all relate to.

reflection and deep thought blogger salil jha in puerto rico

In Puerto Rico. Taking a view of El Yunque Rain forest.

Why poetry and not a novel or fiction?

Poetry contains few words but tells much. Its beauty is that by being condensed it is rich in meaning and open to various interpretations. Unlike prose, there is no boundary to poetry. There is nothing concrete or black and white. Poetry is mutable, it is transformative. Poetry is the alchemy of hearts. And what cannot be said in prose, can sometimes be said only through poetry.

Poems are word paintings. Poetry doesn’t belong to time; that’s why you can feel as if poems are speaking directly to you. If you enjoy poetry, chances are that you are among those who smell the roses and occasionally stop to feel the moments you’re living.

I can tell you, I have experienced the beauty of witnessing others who do stop and enjoy life, one moment at a time, and who find passion in the flow of these peak experiences.

Ask me anything…

Feel free to check my FAQ page and if your question is not answered already, please feel free to write me an email, tweet, or leave a facebook comment. I love to start and engage in conversations with my readers and fellow writers. And yes, I myself read my emails, not my agent or a robot.