Sylvia Carlson

Sylvia Carlson has spent 30 years dedicated to the study and practice of holistic and alternative health and healing, both as a holistic health practitioner, massage therapist, reflexologist, writer, researcher, and instructor, and as someone who has overcome anxiety and the effects of trauma and debilitating injuries by understanding and applying the principles of holistic health, somatic awareness and neuroplasticity.

Sylvia is the author of two books:

Resolving Anxiety and the Effects of Trauma for Good

Destigmatizing PTSD: A Compassionate Response to Trauma

These books were written following a very solo ten-year healing journey of overcoming debilitating injuries as a result of a traumatic head and neck injury that left Sylvia disabled and bedridden for many years. Sylvia was unable to physically hold her head up and lived with chronic vertigo, nausea, nerve pain, and unrelenting anxiety as a result of inner ear damage. The diagnosis of dystonia was not made until 8 years later.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes muscles to spasm and contract involuntarily, and as a result, produces pain, uncontrollable movements, and twisting or postural distortions.

By understanding the principles of holistic health, somatic awareness and neuroplasticity, Sylvia eventually learned how to alter some of the effects of dystonia and was able to retrain her brain to reverse most of the postural distortion and to heal and recover from most of the symptoms that were caused from the trauma, as well as finally being able to resolve a lifelong struggle with post-traumatic stress and anxiety; and, still making progress.

Sylvia is here to inspire and advocate that which heals, and to help change the paradigm of healthcare, to foster greater compassion, to help bring holistic thinking into mainstream healthcare, and to broadcast the idea that every person who presents with symptoms should never be left alone to suffer until those symptoms become chronic and intolerable.

Healing and symptomatic relief is possible, even if there is no accurate diagnosis or cure.

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