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“[The] collection is in very good shape. The text is generally clean, the format is clean and consistent, and the content is strong.” — Mary Wilson
“Naked Soul is a beautiful collection of all kinds of erotic emotions. The best poetry collection!” — Patricia Taylor
“Naked Soul is passionate, addictive and deep!” — Linda White
“Poetry to touch your heart. A journey to the land of love. Naked Soul is a must read.” — Barbara Jackson
“Experience the depth of love and magic of words. Naked Soul is just awesome!” –Elizabeth Brown
“Float in the clouds of passion.
Walk on a poetic Journey.” — Jennifer Davis
“Celebrate the essence of love making. Relatable, breathtaking, fresh. A wonderful gift.” — Maria Johnson
“Hot, sizzling, kinky yet classy poetry that we all can relate to. I finished the entire book in one night!” — Susan Williams
“[A] unique and superior [book] to what the market is currently offering. It will be nice to see more Naked Soul books. May be a series.” — Nancy Thomas
Even if you don’t view yourself as a romantic, this book can help you become a more sensual person who is in touch with life. Also, the stories, similar in flavor to Rumi and Neruda, are deep and touching.  For entertainment value alone, this book is worth the time and money. I hope you enjoy and benefit from The Naked Soul and smile as much as I have.” — Dorothy Moore
“You have expressed yourself as free as Jackson Pollock used to express himself in his action paintings. Some poems are very sensual, erotic and provoking in a very materialistic way. This clearly shows a practical common man in America within the poet. Some others are very deep and philosophical (even sensual and erotic) suggesting an Indian (Asian for a larger contest) root of the poet. Great work!” — Margaret Garcia
“Creativeness has its own voice, poem has its own language, and the powerful expression of love through erotic poems is truly commendable! The idea and initiative is a winner in itself! I wish may you have more listeners to appreciate this master piece!” — Lisa Anderson

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