Alas! Not Blessed Are Those (The Rules and Truth Revisited)

Alas! Not blessed are the cowards, for they shall miss everything honorable in life. Alas! Not blessed are the gossipers, for they shall never hear anything more than rumors. Alas! Not blessed are the slumbering ones, for they shall miss the purpose of life. Alas! Not blessed are the lovers of money, for they shall have too much stress and […]

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8 Lessons From Surviving My 20s | How To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday?

Turning 30 I just turned 30. Yes, I know. But, inside, I do not feel anything different. This is my first post on the grand 30 theme. I’ll be making a few interesting posts on this topic. Here are the quick 8 lessons that I would like to share to with my friends, those who are still in their teens […]

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