Compilation of Erotic Poetry Books Published In Last Century | 221 Books On Erotic Love (1946-2015)

our love is like from book naked soul the erotic love poems

our love is like from book naked soul the erotic love poems

A compilation of 221 erotic poetry books published between 1946-2015. It took a lot of effort to put this list up. If you find a book or title is missing, please comment. If you liked this compilation and found it helpful, please leave me your thoughts in the comments below. Above all, enjoy.

Title Author Year of Publication
Erotic Love Poems: Poems of Diverse Amatory Moods Citadel Press 1946
Sodom Or the Quintessence of Debauchery John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester 1957
Erotic Poetry: The Lyrics, Ballads, Idyls, and Epics of Love: Classical to Contemporary William Cole 1963
The Anthology of Restoration Erotic Poetry Ed Cray 1965
A Gold Orchid: Love Poems of Tzu Yeh Tzu Yeh 1972
Erotica Donna Ippolito 1975
Little Birds: Erotica Anais Nin 1979, 2004
The Poetica Erotica of R. P. Dickey R.P Dickey 1979
Erotica Teresa Carmen Freda 1980
Amorotica: New Erotic Poetry Elliott Fried 1981
Touching Fire: Lesbian Erotica Feminist Writers’ Guild 1981
Scotch Passion: Anthology of Scottish Erotic Poetry Alexander Scott 1982
The Erotic Poems Publio Ovidio Nason 1982
The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse Stephen Coote 1983
Passionate Journey: Poems and Drawings in the Erotic Mood Steve Kowit 1984
Jousts of Aphrodite: Erotic Verse Translated from the Original Greek Michael Kelly 1986
Dreams of the Women who Loved Sex Tee A. Corinne 1987
The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono No Komachi Jane Hershfield (translator) 1988
Lifting Belly Gertrude Stein 1989
The Long Embrace: Twentieth Century Irish Love Poems Frank Ormsby 1989
The Fragrant Flower: Classic Chinese Erotica in Art and Poetry Hua Ying Jin Zhen 1990
Women-Men: The Erotic Poetry of Paul Verlaine William Packard 1991
Games of Venus: An Anthology of Greek and Roman Erotic Verse from Sappho to Ovid Peter Bing 1991
Erotique Noire Miriam Decosta-Willis 1992
Quicksand: African American Lesbian Erotic Poetry Folisade 1992
Eros English’d: Classical Erotic Poetry in Translation Charles Tomlinson 1992
Collected Poems Constantine Cavafy 1992
Cold Moon: The Erotic Haiku of Gabriel Rosenstock Gabriel Rosenstock 1993
Twenty Love Poems and A Song of Despair Pablo Neruda 1993
Black Sugar: Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Love Poems Jeremy Reed 1993
The Body of Love Tee Corinne 1994
Japanese Art of Love Reed 1994
Throb: Selected Erotic Poetry and Prose Stephen Peters 1994
Erotic Poems Peter Washington (editor) 1994
Evohe: Erotic Poems Cristina Peri Rossi 1994
Erotic Poetry and Prose Kendrell Thomas 1994
Amorous Rites: Elizabethan Erotic Verse Sandra Clark (editor) 1995
Tangled Sheets: Stories and Poems of Lesbian Lust Dionne A. Falconer 1995
Badboy Book of Erotic Poetry David Laurents 1995
The Erotic Spirit: An Anthology of Poems of Sensuality, Love, and Longing Sam Hamill 1995
Erotic Verse Christopher Hurford 1995
Eros in Boytown: Contemporary Gay Poems about Sex Michael Lassell 1996
My Lover Is a Woman: Contemporary Lesbian Love Poems Leslea Newman 1996
Between the Cracks: The Daedalus Anthology of Kinky Verse Gavin Dillard 1997
Sacramental Acts: The Love Poems of Kenneth Rexroth Kenneth Rexroth 1997
Diesel Fuel: Passionate Poetry Pat Califia 1997
Seven Hundred Kisses: A Yellow Silk Book of Erotic Writing Lily Pond 1997
The Ecstatic Moment: The Best of Libido Marianna Beck 1997
Full Frontal Poetry Individual Artists of Oklahoma 1997
Sor Juana’s Love Poems Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz 1997
The Essential Rumi Rumi 1997
Bottom Lines: Poems of Warmth and Impact Andrew Swinburne 1998
Enjoy: Erotic Poetry Shantele Tait 1998
Dark Eros: Black Erotic Writings Reginald Martin 1999
Medieval Welsh Erotic Poetry Dafydd Johnston 1999
The Priapus Poems: Erotic Epigrams from Ancient Rome Richard W. Hooper 1999
Love Poems Anne Sexton 1999
Wet Flowers: Poems Colin Leslie Dean 1999
Blood, Love, and Boomerangs Catherine Jenkins 1999
An Uninhibited Treasury of Erotic Poetry Louis Untermeyer 2000
Seduction in the First Degree: A Collection of Erotic Poetry Lisa Marie Canfield 2000
The Cane Groves of Narmada River: Erotic Poems from Old India Andrew Schelling 2001
The Things Your Man Won’t Say and Do (But Should): Poems of Love and Eroticism Derek A. Brown, Sr. 2001
Grow Long, Blessed Night: Love Poems from Classical India Martha Ann Selby 2001
Eros Pinoy: An Anthology of Contemporary Erotica in Philippine Art and Poetry Virgilio Aviado 2001
The Lover’s Companion: Art and Poetry of Desire Charles Sullivan 2002
Sensual Love Poems Kathleen Blease 2002
Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West Daniel Ladinsky 2002
Gay Erotic Poetry Vincent James Spoto 2002
If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho Sappho 2003
Pleased to See Me: 69 Very Sexy Poems Neil Astley 2003
Delightful Erotic Poetry John Solomon 2003
Punany the Hip Hop Psalms III The Onliners 2003
Love Poems from the Japanese Kenneth Rexroth, Sam Hamill 2003
A Bite out of the Rainbow Bob Birch 2003
PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Man Heather Covington 2003
Provocative Poetry and Prose: Portraits of Black Love Sardonyx Jade 2003
Erotic Love Poems from India Amaru 2004
Sweet Erotic Poetry John Solomon 2004
Songs of Love, Poems of Sadness: The Erotic Verse of the Dalai Lama Paul D. Williams 2004
Mental Sex: Raw Poetry Jonathan Belvin 2004
The Art of Love Ovid 2004
Erotic Love Poems of Greece and Rome Stephen Bertman 2005
Sugar: Love Poems Canto 2005
Velvet Heat: Erotic Poetry for the Carnal Mind Scott McMorrow 2005
Erotic Poetry from My Lips Anne Tyson 2005
Exposed Kelly Raine 2005
The Right Words Gwen Masters 2005
Foreplay Jesse Sharpe 2005
The Gods of Rapture: Poems in the Erotic Mood Steve Kowit 2006
Velvet Avalanche:  A Collection of Erotic Poetry Donna Michelle Hill 2006
Decadent Poetry from Wilde to Naidu Lisa Rodensky 2006
The Good Parts: Erotic Poetry for Women Valentine King 2006
Sweet Son of Pan Trebor Healey 2006
Mother Goddess: Poem Colin Leslie Dean 2007
100 Love Sonnets Pablo Neruda 2007
Chocolate Kisses Miriam Jacobs 2007
Chinese Erotic Poems Tony Barnstone, Ping Chou 2007
Innercourse: Christian Erotic Poetry Jonathan Varsell Smith 2007
The Body as Temple: Erotica from Telugu Sistla Srinivas 2007
Dirty Thoughts: Erotic Poetry Crystal Williams 2007
Confessions of the Soul Raxon Phoenix 2007
The Darker Side of Pleasure Eden Bradley 2007
Erotiku: Erotic Haiku for the Sensual Soul Lisa Marie Darlington 2008
The Love Poems Ovid 2008
The Best American Erotic Poems from 1800 to the Present David Lehman 2008
Sexual Freedom: Urban Erotic Poetry Alphonso Taylor 2008
Taste My Soul Monica Marie Jones 2008
Sex Inspires My Best Poetry: The Urban Erotic Poetry of Lady K. Lady K. 2008
The 100 Best Love Poems of All Time Leslie Pockell 2008
Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love Wendy Maltz 2009
Intimate Kisses Wendy Maltz 2009
Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments of Sappho Sappho and Carol Ann Duffy 2009
Bending the Bow: An Anthology of African Love Poetry Frank M. Chipasula 2009
Amorous Whispers Rosie Fielding 2009
Rumi: The Book of Love Coleman Barks 2009
Carnal Diaries of Sex, Love, and Hate: Erotic Poetry and Adult Chronicles Tamika Taylor 2009
Syn: The Complete Erotic Poetry Collection Mr. Hollister 2009
Candy: A Collection to Satisfy your Sweetest Cravings Dale Winslow 2009
Sexy Thoughts of Lust, Love, and Admiration Hollywood James, Darla Dark 2009
The Sinful Path to Heaven: Autobiographical Erotic Poetry Jessica Vaughn 2010
Erotic Poems EE Cummings 2010
The Songs of Bilitis Pierre Louys 2010
Erotic Poetry Collection Robert Herrick 2010
100 Erotic Sonnets from the Hiligaynon Peter Solis Nery 2010
Scorpio Rising: A Poetic Taste of Erotica and Lesbian Sex Nikki Lee 2010
Sensuous Dragon Deep Rivers 2010
Intimate Conversations: Erotica Tracy Williams 2010
Erotic Poetry Elaine Shuel 2010
To Woman, from Man: Love Poems Jarrell Hayes 2011
Ten Dirty Poems C.J. Rackham 2011
Hopeless Romantic Fever: Erotic Poetry Keisha D. Helm 2011
Damn Jason O’ Neal Williams 2011
Sex God Soul: Love and Erotic Poetry Petra M. Jansen 2011
Eroticism: A Collection of Poetry Javon Baker 2011
A Book of Slightly Erotic Poetry:  A Collection of Poems Don Peery 2011
Erotic Embrace II Karen Stepherson 2011
Head’s Up Terika Mcquinn 2012
Sugar Dish: Mouth Watering Erotic Poetry Lotus Falcon 2012
Poetica Erotica Poetica Erotica 2012
Hypnopoetics: Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions Phil Bilitz 2012
First Breath Robin G. White 2012
Circling Round Eros +2 Arlene Corwin 2012
The Gamahucher Press Anthology of Oriental Erotic Poetry Colin Leslie Dean 2012
Part of Me, You Are! And Other Love Poems Jhena Plourde 2012
Kakunyag: 100 Erotic Poems in the Hiligaynon Peter Solis Nery 2012
Put simply just love: Verses of all aspects of love Astrid Brown 2012
Romantic Poetry: 150 Poems for Love and Romance Emily Browning 2012
Soul’s Voice: Inspirational, love, sensual, and erotic poetry Astrid Brown 2012
Pain of Love: Erotic Poems I.G. Frederick 2012
Mental Orgasm Ramon Terry 2012
The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends Moctezuma Johnson 2012
Erotic Fantasies: A Steamy Collection of Sensual Poetry Felicia Easley 2012
The Seductive Poetic Thoughts of Miss Bella Buttafly Miss Bella Buttafly 2012
Bed of Crimson Joy: Poems Joan Lauri Poole 2012
Erotic Poetry: Explicit Thoughts from Jersey City’s Finest Teasa Williams 2012
Dancing Between Lies Leslie Huron 2012
The Red Lipstick Diaries Janet Dawson 2012
The Eleventh Hour Jasmyn Rose 2013
The G-Spot Chronicles Mona Bode 2013
Her Black Body I Treasure Quinton Veal 2013
Something Sensual L. Ward 2013
Red Shoes and Sex: An Erotic Journey Blaqrayn Publishing Family 2013
Sexy Thoughts and Delicious Nibbles The Naked Nurse 2013
Sister Ignition 4 Erotic Poetry 2013
Gay Erotic Poems: Hot Rhyming Sex L.M. Dawson 2013
Lusty Romantic Nights: A Collection of Erotic Poetry Goddess Faye 2013
Hot Summer Nights 2013: A Collection of Erotic Poetry The Writers 2013
Persian Songs Colin Leslie Dean 2013
Classical Love Poetry Jonathan Williams 2013
Arabic and Hebrew Love Poems in Al-Andalus Shari Lowin 2013
28 Verses from the Amarusataka of Amaru Colin Leslie Dean 2013
The Poetic Art of Seduction: The Erotic Poetry Collection Volume 1-3 Clarissa O. Clemens 2013
Erotica: The Poetry of Love Arthur C. Kennedy 2013
Sausalito Sunrise: Poems for Lesbians and Other Lovers Mary Ann Shank 2013
Bedroom Bliss: Erotic Poetry Terika McQuinn 2013
On Entering the Sea: The Erotic and Other Poetry of Nizar Qabbani Lena Jayyusi 2013
Love Is a Lion’s Tooth and Other Poems of Desire Jane Gilgun 2013
15 Shady Poems and a Love Sonnet Robert Hoffman 2013
Tantalising Touch: Erotic Modern Poems Jean Pierre Albertson 2013
Latin Erotic Elegy: An Anthology and Reader Paul Allen Miller 2013
Love and Fuck Poems Koraly Dimitriadis 2013
Love in the Vernacular: Erotic Love Poetry Terry Dammery 2013
The Erotic Spirit: An Anthology of Poems of Sensuality, Love, and Longing Sam Hamill 2013
Hunger-Desire Richard L. Calleros 2013
The Velvet Rope: Book 1 Katie Kamara 2013
Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry Stacey Joy 2013
Collisions M.L Kayser 2013
Bring Me the Sexy!: Erotic Poetry and Prose Fred Robel 2013
Absence: Erotic Poetry—Extruded through Lust P.J. Bayliss 2014
Sexual Tendencies: An Erotic Anthology Jennifer Sage 2014
Bombshells and Boi’s: Queer Poetry and Pin Up Miss Kitty 2014
Poetry: Poems of Pleasure Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2014
Meld: Erotic Poetry on Matters Every Lady Desires Jamel Burrell-Karriem 2014
Love Pillar 3: Pillar 3, Volume 3, the Poetry Trilogy Aaron La Lux 2014
Tales of Pure Carnality Mattie Kingori 2014
The Fetish of Toys: Erotic Poetry Amelia Hickman 2014
Sometime Poet: The Erotic Edge Poetry Ethan Radcliff 2014
Gilded Cage: Words of Pleasure, Pain, Madness, and Lust Alisa Anderson 2014
Strip: Erotic Poetry Amelia Hickman 2014
Write on Me: A compilation of erotic poetry and love letters Shumon Carlisle and Nina Clark 2014
Slippery Friction: Poems of Love, Lust, and Passion Charles Ward 2014
Lust, Love, Dreams, and Heartache:  A book of romantic and erotic poetry A.J. Walters 2014
Erotic and Romantic Poetry 2 Lyrical Poet and Carl Dunford 2014
Red Smoke: Love Poems from a Dysfunctional Heart Mark Anthony Cotterman 2014
Ovid’s Banquet of Sense George Chapman 2014
A Book of Sensual and Erotic Poetry D.D 2014
Love Beyond Boundries: A Collection of Erotic Poetry Cara Downey 2014
25 Sexy Poems Santosh Kalwar 2014
Inside My Dirty Mind: A Short Collection of Sexy and Erotic Poetry Jackie McMahon 2014
Make Love to Me: A Selection of Seductive Poetry Natasha Celeste 2014
Love and the Turning Seasons: India’s Poetry of Spiritual and Erotic Longing Andrew Schelling 2014
My Love Expressions: To My Lover Lynn Christopher 2014
What Lips My Lips Have Kissed Edna St. Vincent Millay 2014
Aural Sex: Naughty Notes for Lovers Jennifer Lieberman 2014
The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir Rheadrea Monet 2014
Poetry from the Bedroom Mirror: A Collection of Reflections         Chris Linville and Lisa Masters 2015
What Do You Like?: Nine Erotic Poems Paul Whybrow 2015
Yearnings: Poems of Love and Desire Abha Iyengar 2015
Love Haiku: Japanese Poems of Yearning, Passion, and Romance Patricia Donegan and Yoshie Ishibashi 2015
Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems Salil Jha 2015



On a similar note, Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems” hit #1 on in New Release for both Love Poems and Theme and Subject category. If you have not checked the free samples yet, please do so on either Goodreads or Amazon. There is also a free giveaway going-on on Goodreads. Please check it out if you are on Goodreads.

If you have read some of these books, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Sam

    I received and read your book. Wow! Just wow! As I anticipated, my favorite part was of the book was Erotic Love. You really have a flare for romantic poems. I love the subtlety of the way you handled the topic of eros. It was neither thrown in the readers face in an unoriginal way, and neither was it hidden. When I first read excerpts from your book on this website under the love section, I thought that was as good as it got. I didn’t think it was likely that a person could write love poems consistently so well, but you have definitely exceeded my expectations. I tip my hat to you, fellow poet, you’ve got the goddess of love on your favor! ere were other poems I liked too, and I wrote all the details in my review of your book on and It’s going to be hard to move on to the next book after this. I finished reading your book in a few hours ago today, but the love section is still stuck in my mind. If there are any other hopeless romantics out there, this is the book for you!

    • Wow! Thanks Sam for such a long and kind comment. You made my day. I am glad to hear that you really enjoyed the book. I have a second book coming out this October, stay tuned. In the mean time, please enjoy the blog posts. Best!

    • Martha

      These pieces really set a standard in the industry.

  • Dennis Philip

    You are spending so much of time in research work .Awesome and really helpful for other writer’s.

  • Anita

    Wow, thanks, this is so very helpful.

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