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Naked Soul Meaning | What Does It Mean To Be A Naked Soul?

Naked Soul Meaning. Who is a naked soul? What is naked soul

Naked Soul Meaning As an observer, writer, wanderer, and storyteller, I believe that to be naked is to show up, to be present, to express my truth in life. It’s to overcome my own self-imposed limitations and to transcend external influences that are often authoritarian or fear-based. To me, this expression of truth can become a sacred romance. Therefore philosophically speaking, being […]

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How I Am Marketing My Self Published Book | Book Marketing & Promotion Plan for Poetry and Fiction

aked soul the erotic love poem books

This is a blog post I originally wanted to write as “How am I going to promote my upcoming book “Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems“. But I believe it is better to make this post now since the book is already out. The Paperback was released on Jan 9, 2015. And the eBook was released on Jan 22, 2015. […]

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The Erotic Poetry Of Kamasutra | Unleash Your Inner Lover

Naked Soul Buy 2 Get 1 Free

There is perhaps no literary work as tantalizingly erotic as the Kama Sutra. When you visualize this book, you may only think of the sexual imagery contained inside. The truth is that this book while sexual in nature also has a rich history and contains beautiful poetic language. Let us begin by exploring the history of this book before adventuring […]

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Naked Soul Official Book Trailer | Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems

Naked Soul Book Library

Being a Naked Soul is more than just using a cool, hip phrase. Being naked means being as you are, as your true-self, without any covering of ego. A person who loves without any expectation is a naked soul. True love is unconditional. True love is the essence of all life and the universe. Every soul needs a touch of […]

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Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems (Official Book Trailer #1)

Naked Soul books bundle

Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems. Official Book Trailer (Director’s Cut). The video was shot in New York. The story presents two lovers meeting each other after a long separation while they recite two poems from the book. Naked Soul book is available starting February 2, 2015 in both ebook and printed copy. The book will be released worldwide both […]

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Naked Soul Blog Goes Live | Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Naked Soul Blog Goes Live

Happy Halloween!Hello friends! The Naked Soul blog is finally online. We have just launched it. There might be few minor glitches (and that is what I need you to find out). My goal this month is to collect feedback for the website. Tell me all about it. Do you like the colors? Do you like the font size and style? […]

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