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10 Years Plan and 1 Million Dollars A Year Business Income

Today, I am going to reveal my 10 years plan. As many of you (those who are regular on the Naked Soul blog) know we started this community to connect like minded individuals around the concept of “naked soul” in summer of 2014. This blog was launched in Oct 2014. I published the Naked Soul, book I (a collection of […]

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How to Make Money Online (eBooks, Blogs, Podcasts & YouTube) | A Business Model That Works

How to make money online

Today I want to share how I make money. How I invest my time and where I invest my resources. I have made simple diagrams which will explain volumes. Let’s dig into it.   As you can see, I am spread all across the board. I am an Independent Consultant and I run my own business as a Self-employed boss. […]

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How Much Money Do I Make On YouTube? | How To Make $100,000 In Next 365 Days?

money cash make earn be rich work hard

My last 30 days on YouTube = $51.65 Can you imagine how much money do these kids make with millions of views on their videos. A lot of them make over $10,000 each month. Some make over $30,000 a month. The point is not to join the YouTube wagon but to create multiple funnels of income. You may be a […]

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How To Get Out Of $50,000 Debt | Beat & Defeat Large Debt | Tips and A Personal Story

the burden and load of debt

  Part one of a three parts series | Laugh, cry, relate and learn   “Every time I have lost money is when I have tried to make more money than what I was already making.” — Salil Jha   Week 1 I have been hit hard (twice now). I have got an IRS bill for $17,000. This needs to […]

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